Samuel Odebowale

Samuel Olusegun Odebowale is the Chief Operating Officer of OceanSpring Group. In that capacity, he presently leads the Africa Signal News Magazine and Social Enterprise News Service as Managing Editor.

He is a Chartered Public Relations Professional, Journalist, Publisher, Value Based Activist, Sustainability Reporting Consultant, trained Architectural Technician, Webmaster and Businessman. He started his active career as Insurance Broker in 2000 and was appointed Federal Legislative Aide at the National Assembly in 2007. He assisted on House Committees for Privatization and Commercialisation, Sports, Land Transport and Commerce.

He was a leading member of WACSOF Focal Group on Border Communities Sensitization for the ECOWAS Transport Facilitation / Joint Customs Project between 2012 and 2017. He was also a Panel Guest Speaker at the 3rd Sustainability in the Extractive Industries International Conference in 2014.

He is the Curator at the Social Enterprise Consortium where he works with other professionals to create Africa’s full-theme Private Sustainable Development Agency.

Instagram @tsecnigeria