CSSKD Alumni Foundation Celebrates Wale Akingbade

April 29, 2023 By News Editor

CSSKD Alumni Foundation Celebrates Wale Akingbade

Dr. Edward Adewale Akingbade made history earlier this week (24th April 2023) as the first recipient of CSSKD 89 Members Achievement Rollcall Award of Excellence.

The investiture ceremony was led by Adekunle Ismaila Mohammed, President of Command Secondary School Kaduna 89 Set (CSSKD89) Foundation, at the prestigeous Noktel Resorts, Ilorin Kwara State. The event was graced by Professor Sullayman Kwranga and his amiable wife as special guests among other dignitaries.

In his opening remarks, President Adekunle Mohammed extolled Akingbade’s virtues as an exceptional leader who has consistently demonstrated ability for setting goals, achieving them and surpassing expectations. He noted that the Members Achievement Rollcall Award of Excellence programme was established as an affirmative commitment towards the recognition and support for members contributions towards humanitarian services and professional excellence in their various walks of life.

According to Mohammed, “Command Secondary School Kaduna Class of 1989 graduates includes many people who are top-shots of today’s banking and insurance, hospitality and tourism, energy and telecoms, capital markets, agriculture, engineering, infrastructure, law enforcement and defense, shipping and maritime, public service and other major sectors within and outside Nigeria. It is our responsibility as an Alumni Foundation to organise and commend our members over accomplishments, as well as ensure experiences could be shared in a way that inspires other people to greatness”.

In his keynote address, the Social Events and Planning Committee Chairperson Kolawole Dada expressed delight over Akingbade’s recognition as it reflects commitment to members’ success, advancement and welfare. He explained that ethical integrity content as well as significant, honest and measurable achievements are part of the parameters upon which Edward Akingbade has been assessed for the excellence recognition and investiture. He said “it is a joyful thing to celebrate Wale Akingbade in his lifetime rather than pay glowing tributes on sickbed or posthumously as typical of several other Alumni Associations”.

Professor Sullayman Kwranga welcomed the delegation and noted Akingbade has been his friend for over 20 years. He called attention to his humility, willingness to provide assistance for people who are in need, his dedication to duty, passion for excellence and faith among other attributes. He also reassured that the recognition will serve as further encouragement.


A cross section of friends and well wishers at the award ceremony


Dr. Akingbade thanked the Alumni Foundation for the honour and thoughtfulness. He explained that his activities have been driven by desire to make life easier and more rewarding for every Nigerian within his scope of influence. His work ethics and winning attitude have been helpful, and many people have helped towards his personal and professional life success.



While addressing our reporters, Akingbade disclosed “Noktel Resorts has concluded plans to officially become a Sustainability Reporting Organisation because of commitment to environmental, social and governance issues impacting the Group’s operations. Noktel generates indirect employment for some 2000 people annually. We are investing in scholarships and helping people transition the future of workplace through the acquisition of coding skills as well as other capacity development and support programmes”.

Dr. Edward Adewale Akingbade is a Nigerian happily married to Kemi and blessed with children. His educational background includes economics, building and consulting analysis, international relations and diplomacy among others. He is a professional member of Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. His business footprints include medicare services, fast food retail franchise, oil and gas, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing and telecoms, public service sectors, engineering and construction services.

Adewale Akingbade is the Chairman of Noktel Resorts Hotels Limited, owners and operators of select bouquet hotels, resorts, apartments and hospitality centers across Nigeria’s Federal Capital City of Abuja and Ilorin Kwara State. He also presides as Chairman of Saratoga Holdings Limited. He has served as the Managing Director of Top Green Nigeria Limited (Oil and Gas) and Tangent Construction Company Limited.


(Report compiled and edited by: Samuel Odebowale)


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