AEC Fights Hyve Group Over Oil & Gas

AEC Fights Hyve Group Over Oil & Gas

(CAPE TOWN) – UK-based events company, Hyve Group, has filed a lawsuit to blackout the African Energy Chamber (AEC). According to AEC, the lawsuit is intended to silence both the AEC and Africa while preventing the development of the continent’s oil and gas resources.

AEC also says Hyve Group is responsible for launching the Green Energy Africa Summit as well as Africa Oil Week’s disastrous move to Dubai in 2021 citing Africa’s inability to host a large-scale event.

While Africa is only responsible for less than 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the continent is still being asked to abandon its oil and gas in the name of climate change, thus, carrying the burdens of developed countries, ones which continue to develop oil and gas, declared the African Energy Chamber (AEC).

And after COP26 in Glasgow, the UK announced a major oil and gas bid licensing round; the US opened federal lands for drilling; England is looking at re-opening its coal mines for the first time in 30 years; Germany is building new LNG terminals; and Norway has given out 52 oil licenses.

With all this, the chamber believes that Africans should have the right to explore oil and gas is the same way these countries are doing.

According to AEC, despite the ongoing work by the chamber, going as far as launching the first-ever Africa-focused and Africa-held energy event in 2021, African Energy Week, AEC has started a campaign called ‘Help us Fight Back Against the Attack on African Oil and Gas’.

Representing the voice of the African energy sector, AEC has become an invaluable advocate for Africa’s oil and gas industry at a time when global stakeholders are calling for the immediate end to fossil fuel utilization.

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