Special Reports

Putting Dapo Abiodun’s Administration in Perspective

In 2009, Nigerians elected present government officials in a general election. With the advent of Covid-19, economies crashed significantly with attendant pressure on security, healthcare and disaster management. Ogun State was not exempted; testing the will and capacity of Governor Dapo Abiodun in steering the Gateway State towards sustainable growth and improved welfare for the people.

In a report made available by the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant, SF Ojo Emmanuel, in commemoration of Dapo Abiodun’s 730 days in office, “specific measurable improvements have been recorded in terms of quality education delivery and access improvement, road construction and rehabilitation, housing, water and sanitation, township road and rural development, electricity assets and modern agriculture,  primary healthcare services, healthcare improvement, commerce and industry, solid minerals development, regional trade facilitation, transport modernization, mass digital literacy, women empowerment and family planning, agricultural value chain facilitation, productions and processing, input and smallholder farmers support, youth empowerment, job creation, safety and security”.

Previous administrations have been unable to harness economic potentials because of reliance on oil revenue among other reasons. Ogun has the enviable record of being the most urban, cosmopolitan and economically diverse among previous Western Region areas. With its role as corridor to hinterland, direct access to the sea, major international boundary and industrial collocation hubs with Lagos State, its ability to control Nigeria and regional “silk road” has being undervalued.

This is why present investment in capacity development and infrastructure provides a winning strategy for enabling Ogun people to assume ownership and control of local resources, thanks to the visionary leadership and administration of Governor Abiodun. With a sustained emphasis on awareness promotion, government is empowering all citizens with proper information, access to opportunities, hand-walking support and enabling environment for growth.

In affirmation of our commitment towards the prosperity of Ogun State and the Nigerian people, our analysts and reporters will continue to x-ray these achievements across all our media enterprise in the month of June 2021, in line with our editorial policy and journalism practice. It is our hope that these conversations will provide the right inspiration for the forthcoming local government elections in the State.