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Book Review: Flying Five Flags

Title: Flying Five Flags
Author: Lois Otse Adams & Omokhogie Adamu
Place of Publication: Lagos State
Publisher: Stars and Styles Communications and Publishers Co. Ltd.
Date of Publication: 2020
Edited by: Amina Aboje & Cos-lewisa
Price: 5,000
ISBN: ISBN 978-978-919-400-8

The book, ‘Flying Five Flags,’ is a moral based book which teaches parents to understand that they are the best qualified agents to chart the paths for their children’s redemption and to ensure that they fly their first flag in life in a manner that does not plunge them into a ludicrous and unpleasant future. You will be glad to have a contact with the content of this book.

In addition to helping parents understand their role as the primary agents responsible for providing proper guidance for their children. The book, ‘Flying Five Flags’, also epitomizes the workings of divinity, the need for us to understand the different stages of life, and the importance of being consistent in doing good and having a godly disposition towards family and others.

Imperatively, as a parent, it helps you to prepare, teach and invest in the younger generation; sound morals and values, and to treat them well, bearing in mind how you would want to be treated when you eventually become aged.
The Authors’ dexterity and fastidiousness in arranging the chapters of the book, calls for an accolade as it enhanced the flow of thoughts and made for ease of comprehension.

The book is divided into five segments. The first segment, the flag of childhood/formation stage, exposes to us that at this stage, the child is at the mercy of the parents. The flag of youth/experimental stage is the second segment that exposes the exciting, but complex stage as far as parenting is concerned. Next is the flag of adulthood/career stage which describes the emergence of new roles and responsibilities, the quest for additional qualifications, movement away from home, and starting a family.

The fourth segment dwells extensively on the flag of maturity/consolidation stage, which teaches on the need to build on achievements, make expansions in different areas of life’s endeavors and successfully ease into retirement.
Bringing up the rear is the flag of old age and winding down. This is the stage where you begin to look in the mirror to see the life you have lived, and to observe the toll time has taken on you, in terms of both your physical appearance and the spiritual, mental and psychological aspects of your life. It is the stage where the story of your life lies before you unfolded.

The whole stages are sensitive and corrective stages of life, with each stage presenting its unique set of opportunities, excitements and challenges which we have to deal with.

The book is a must read for every growing child who wants to shine, for young adults who aspire to be stars in their professions, and for the elders who may have made mistakes, but need a guide to help them live peaceful lives before they bow to the divine call of God.

One of the authors, Dr. Omokhogie Adamu, passed away at the age of 83, having lived a fulfilled life, leaving a good legacy behind for Lois Otse Adams.


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