Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

OceanSpring Group is emerging as the leading investor in Africa’s Universal Service Provision and access through its online retail networks. The prospect for a billion people over the next five years is quite exciting. In Nigeria where government has failed in the provision of security and healthcare services, it is estimated a quarter of the population currently provides for their own independent electricity, healthcare or security services. These private arrangements are at best, rudimentary in view of the uncoordinated provision and dilapidated infrastructure.

OceanSpring is addressing this market friction through the establishment of a modern retail network, integrated business development and a strong native media reinforcement to promote necessary changes in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.

Samuel Odebowale is the Group’s Specialty Retail Division COO. He explained that Africa is the emerging economic center of the world. Despite the rich long history of intra political and economic cooperation, economic partnership agreement with Europe, North African gateway, the new Continental Free Trade agreement and regional market potentials, retail and distribution infrastructure are general weak, fragmented and unsuitable for any meaningful economic contribution in post Covid19 era.

According to Samuel, “beyond the spectacular failure to ensure even distribution of resources with the advent of globalization, current market challenges will force fatalities, decimate territories and create a perfect chaos for many cities. It’s already happening across Sub-Saharan Africa. Possession of AK47s and SMGs is now a common sight across Nigeria where kidnapping for ransom, bunkering and community invasion by killer herdsmen are rife”.

“OceanSpring understands basic education, healthcare, energy and security services have become more innovative, mobile, off-grid and remotely accessible around the world. As a private company, we are focused on enabling access to these services through our proprietary Specialty Retail operations. Our business model incorporates proper product knowledge dissemination, contemporary retail systems, secure transaction processing, legal compliance, product affordability and safety, privacy, customer support and institution enhancement. We are giving people the chance to survive and thrive”, he concluded.

SENS Newswire reported OceanSpring soft-launched global retail platform during 2nd Quarter 2020. This 1st Quarter 2021, the Company is unveiling the global platform and its flagship local platform  By the end of 2nd Quarter 2021, delivery is expected to be narrowed down to five (5) days, complete with web and physical presence across 30 African nations. Presently, the Company is not charging a shipping fee on the products on offer.

OceanSpring is making distribution sexy, fun, intuitive and pragmatic. Access to basic safety and healthcare services is now safe, private and convenient from the comfort of your room or desk.