Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

COTONOU — A week-long campaign begins today in the economic capital of Benin Republic to sensitize the public to climate change.

The climate week initiated by the European Union (EU) delegation in Benin will urge the involvement of the local youth in particular in fighting climate change while stressing the priorities set out by the EU in anti-climate change efforts, according to a release issued by the EU delegation.

In the West African country, climate change has caused the decrease of rainfall, the increase of temperature in mainly the northern region, drought, heavy rains and ensuing floods, according to a recent study released by the United Nations of Development Program (UNDP).

The major climate risks are expected to affect agriculture, water resources, coastline and forest.

“It triggered several impacts, for instance a decline in agricultural yields, the disturbance of agricultural calendar, the fall of level in drinking water supply dams, extension of low-water period, shoreline flooding”, said the UNDP study.