Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

AFDEC has concluded plans to host Lagos Culture and Peace Festival as part of Nigeria’s independence celebration on 1st day of October, 2018. This edition will feature a “Walk for Peace”.

AFDEC Executive Director Adeola Ogunkolade disclosed “the train will take-off at a point beside University of Lagos 1st Gate at Akoka Lagos at 7am, and make its way to Gbagada Mini-Stadium.

Lagos Culture and Peace Festival is highlighting Nigerian history, and serving as platform for expression, creativity and rich heritage. The theme for 2018 edition is “Re-create, Revamp, and Restyle the culture of Peace”.

According to Adeola Ogunkolade, “the project will showcase several artifacts and works of young people highlighting modern trends, styles, innovation and technology to enhance traditional arts for contemporary appeal. It will encourage ethnic tolerance, respect for individual uniqueness, peaceful co-existence, and prevent violence among diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds”.