Oil tops UN envoy’s meeting with LNA Chief

The United Nations envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salameh sought to persuade  Libyan National Army commander Khalifa Haftar to return the oil crescent region to the control of the National Accord Government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.

Salameh held talks with Haftar at his headquarters in al-Rajma outside of the eastern city of Benghazi,said a statement by the envoy.

The two officials discussed the latest developments in the oil crescent region and ways to resolve the current crisis.

The UN mission released a photograph of the meeting between the two officials without disclosing further details about the talks.

For his part, Haftar did not release any statement, but sources close to him revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that he reiterated to Salameh his call for the formation of an international investigation committee to address the attack launched by the Ibrahim al-Jadhran-led militias on the oil region.

Jadhran is the former head of the guard of the facilities at the oil crescent area.

The militias had attacked the region in June, but it was recaptured by the LNA after brief clashes.

Haftar also accused the Sarraj government of supporting terrorist and extremist organisations, noting manipulation of the figures of Libyan oil revenues, said the sources.

Despite his criticism, the LNA chief renewed his commitment to the UN’s efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis in Libya.

He also underlined his commitment to the Paris-sponsored conference that was aimed at ending the crisis.

The conference that brought together the rival Libyan factions was held in May. The gatherers agreed to hold presidential and parliamentary elections before the end of the year.