Op-Ed: Governor Ibikunle Fetes Citizens on 60th Birthday

Ogun State Government (Nigeria) is set to issue more Certificates of Occupancy to beneficiaries of Governor Ibikunle Amosun accelerated home ownership programme. Coincidentally, the Governor turns 60th today. Activities to commemorate the achievement seem to be on low key.

In a statement made available by Queen (Hon) Temitope Okoya, Founder of Ebunlobinrin Foundation, “Ibikunle Amosun’s administration has been at the forefront of gender empowerment and rural development; enabling several thousands of people at the grassroot access to micro-credits, road networks, infrastructure support and agricultural inputs among other socio-economic benefits”.

At the inception of his Administration, Governor Amosun outlined his vision and cardinal programmes for Ogun State transformation and renewal. Several achievements have been recorded in urban renewal, agricultural value chain, education, healthcare delivery, economic empowerment, business environment, safety and well-being of all residents. It is instructive to note that Ogun State remains the most peaceful, progressive and indigenously empowering State in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As a gateway State providing international corridor and access at multiple points, and hosting bi-national Tonga oil fields with the Republic of Benin, Ogun State has always been a major focal point in Nigeria’s ECOWAS diplomatic and humanitarian affairs, and remains the most successful of such businesses. The adjoining States of Lagos, Oyo and Ondo have been able to manage internal security and stable local macro-economic environments largely because of investments in critical infrastructure and conducive environment being provided by Governor Amosun. Unfortunately, this privilege is not available to other States in the South Western and contiguous region.

As the Nation gets ready for another round of electioneering process, Amosun’s commitment to citizens freedom has ensured absolute unrestricted opportunities for people to air their views without any incidence or perception of intimidation and repression anywhere. In fact, it appears the State has become the springboard for every meaningful national citizens and political activities over the last six years, thanks to the leadership being provided by the Governor.

In the words of Queen (Hon) Temitope Okoya, “governance is about leadership and commitment to the people; and good governance is about ensuring the ability and opportunities for people to excel and thrive”. Ogun State has the resilience and prospects to be the shining beacon of hope and fulfillment for Nigeria through a thousand generations; because of the legacies His Excellency, Governor Ibikunle Amosun, has successfully established for all.


(Samuel Odebowale is one of our Senior Editors)