Labour Room Reality TV Unveils in Abuja

The world stood still as the Labour Room Developmental Reality Television Show opened its doors on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the International Conference Center. In the last five years, no single private event has been able to muster support across Nigeria in a way similar to the Labour Room opening door ceremony. Volumes will definitely be written on several layers of the 60 days reality television programme as the “Governors” Housemates settle down to the task at hand.

It must however be noted that the reality TV show has its roots in passion for youth empowerment. Perhaps, no one on the team reflects this better than Captain Isaac Balami, Founder of the Nigeria Rebirth Foundation and Executive Producer of the Labour Room Reality TV Show. Every good and sustainable project must be anchored on identifiable source and people who are committed to its implementation.

While serving as Spokesman for the Trade Union Congress and former President of the National Association of Pilots and Aircraft Engineers, Balami sacrificed his comfort to lead and inspire millions of young people for a vision and desire for Change. Despite the security challenges in Nigeria’s North East zone, he has been responsible for the annual scholarship, welfare and empowerment of over 1500 beneficiaries through Isaac Balami Foundation. His professionalism, resourcefulness and stellar accomplishments as Senior Manager at Aero Contractors remains yet unparalleled in the aviation sector.

In his current capacity as President of Arewa Consultative Forum Youth Caucus, Balami has provided enviable leadership and properly steered the course even in the face of misguided calls for Igbo eviction from the Northern region. His vision for unity, peace and empowered Nation has always been expressed and driven by a passion, sometimes beyond comprehension.

The Nigeria Labour Room Reality Television Show has projected a 200 Million audience from local and international broadcasting networks. The 37 Housemates represent each State of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, male and female, Muslim and Christian; selected from complexly different backgrounds and sheltered in a mansion at an undisclosed location. These intelligent and introspective youths will dissect issues on leadership, unemployment, education, poverty, health, economy, unity, conflicts and other challenges over a course of 60 days, beamed live to the world.

A distinguishing feature of the programme is its anchor on promoting unity. It will be recalled that Chapter 2(15) of the Nigerian Constitution defines our motto as “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”. It further declares that “national integration shall be actively encouraged”. Section 17 affirms the foundational ideals of our social order as “Freedom, Equality and Justice”. Section 24 makes it a duty of all Nigerians to respect these ideals, enhance Nigeria’s prestige, advance communities, and promote harmony among other requirements. The reality show is a bold attempt at promoting the attainment of fundamental objectives and directive principles of State policy through citizens participation and use of audio-visual initiatives.

The face of Reality TV is being redefined for content, entertainment, developmental and other utility value through the Labour Room programme, and we have the young Turks under the leadership of Isaac Balami to thank, for pushing the frontiers for National Unity, Peace and Development.